Rude-Harley-American-Pit-Bull-Terrier-stud APBT with Hammonds in his ADBA registered pedigree

China Spike,


Rude Harley -


Garner's Frisco


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As APBT Dog Breeders, we are Proud to Have Hammonds "China Spike", Garners "Frisco" and "Ling", Garrets "Tab" as well as Sorrells Dogs in our ADBA Pedigree of Rude Harley

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Most of our American Pit Bull Terriers here at HumboldtPitBulls.Com are red, red nose dogs. That means that they have reddish eye color (more like the color of Tiger's Eye stone), red toe nails (some may be clear and some may be a dark red, almost black looking) and a reddish coat (varying from a lighter buckskin color to a deeper red). We do not however breed for color. Many of the dogs in our pedigree are black nose dogs like Snakeman's Pedro.

We have Garner Pit Bulls in our pedigree other than the red, red nose APBT. That being said, if you breed a red nose dog to another red nose dog, the offspring will all have red noses (even though the gene for the red nose color is recessive).


Enter Rude Harley, call name Nash. Rude Harley is currently our only black nose stud dog with a unique combination of Hammonds, Garners, Garretts and Sorrells Pit Bull bloodlines. Rude Harley is ALL BULLDOG. Like all of our American Pit Bull Terrier stud dogs, Rude Harley is ADBA registered.

The genetic makeup of Rude Harley is as follows:

-He has some of the same blood as our foundation stock Cypress and Chisel. The old Sorrells stock is known to be extremely human friendly.


-Garners CH Chinaman and Spike are also in Rude Harley. These two dogs are also in all of the APBT's here at HumboldtPitBulls. There are other Garner Pit Bulls in the pedigree as well.

-Now is where Rude Harley really shows himself apart from the other dogs. Rude Harley is here because of the "best Frisco combo ever made". This is not a mere claim. If one looks into it, many people say that the Frisco/Ling combination is the most game, best combo that has ever been made with Frisco. OK, so Rude Harley has some real game blood from Garner, what else?


-There is a touch of a game dog named Garrett's Tab in his pedigree.


-Rude Harley has both Hammond's and Crum's bloodlines. Our dogs already have some Crum's in their ADBA registered pedigree, however they did not have any Hammond's "China Spike" in their background. Hammond's and Crum's both are proven, quality family lines.

APBT stud-Hammonds China Spike-Garretts Tab Garners Ling Frisco and more. This is Rude Harley and he is an ADBA registered Pitbull at stud.

 The American Pit Bull Terrier loves to hang from ropes, leather, tires, etc. This is typically called a "Spring Pole". Its always fun to watch the enthusiasm of our red Pitbulls playing with a rope. This breed can hang up in the air holding onto their toy for long periods of time. I went to a leather store and purchased some scrap leather for my dogs. I punched a hole in one end, tied a rope through the hole, and tied the other end around a stable branch on a tree that had some "play" in it. If you have a Bull Dog with game lines (like the Hammond's "China Spike", Garner's "Ling" and "Frisco", as well as Garrett's "Tab" in Nash), give the ol' "Spring Pole" a try!

Enjoy reading the ADBA pedigree of Rude Harley. He is an American-Pit-Bull-Terrier-Hammonds-Stud-dog witGarretts Tab Garners Friso, Garners Ling

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Rude Harley has Crums, Hammonds, Garners, Sorrells, Garetts Tab and more!