Red nose Pit bull puppies for sale from Double Time OFR APBT. These puppies are traditional red nose APBT puppies that are ADBA registered.

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Riddick  was be bred to Versace. Puppies were born May 31st.

Currently there is one male and two females available
Dark Colored Male Dark Colored Female


Light Colored Female
The breeding of Riddick to Versace is technically an "outcross". An outcross is a breeding where the two parents are not closely related. However, in Versaces' pedigree she is pure Sorrells (other than some Greenwood) starting four generations back. So in reality, this is almost like a linebreeding. By doing this breeding, we are bringing tight bred Sorrells closer up in the pedigree. Riddick is from Second and TBo. Riddicks siblings won all kinds of awards at American Dog Breeders Association shows (Riddick was not shown himself). His siblings not only took first place wins while at the ADBA shows in NJ, TX and CA, one also took "Best of Show" while at the American Dog Breeders Association show in TX. Riddick is a moose! He was the largest pup of the litter. Most of his siblings turned out to be regular sized dogs (45 lbs - 65 lbs). Riddick turned out to be extra large. Part of the reason Riddick is so big is because he was the largest pup of the litter. The other reason why Riddick is so BIG is because he was exposed to Valley Fever out in AZ when he was 8 months of age (from dust). In order to heal him (humans and dogs can get Valley Fever from kicked up dust), Riddicks veterinarian gave him steroids from 8 months of age to 11 months of age. So Riddick is a "little" on the heavy side. He is happy go lucky and is an ambassador of the breed by way of his excellent personality. Versace is smaller and more serious than her happy go lucky mate Riddick. She is .... animal aggressive and really wants to go after small wild animals. By breeding her to more laid back Riddick, the extra outgoing personality of Versace is tempered down with that ham of a dog Riddick. Versace is around 50 lbs. She is a spoiled house dog from old school lines that is real light on her feet. She has a black nose, however with all of the red nose dogs in Versaces' and Riddicks' pedigree, the litter has red noses'.
Humboldt Pit Bulls has had the privilege of our red nose pit puppies being on the cover of the ADBA Gazette, the American Dog Breeders Association Calendar, as well as other accomplishments.
I have people ask me about "fixing" their dog. Some things in life have no clear answer. However, here are a few experiences to help you reach your own "answer" to the question of if "fixing" a dog is the right thing to do for you:
-I have seen dogs fixed before a year of age and never fully develop.
-Tonka was kind of "fat" while he was young. He is lean Tonka now. It took over 3 years to lose his baby fat!! I just do not think he ever would have developed to be so lean if he was fixed before 3 years of age. However, his huge size is rare.
Most dogs are fixed. Every dog in my house (and we had a lot) growing up was fixed. The Dobermans' that we owned both developed cancer, however who knows if it had anything to do with being altered. Altering a dog is a personal decision. It does not make the dog a different breed (ie. make a male APBT less dominate).

If you are interested in red nose Pit Bull puppies for sale in California email, or you may call Tim at (707)822-2343 .