Red nose Pit bull puppies for sale from Double Time OFR APBT. These puppies are traditional red nose APBT puppies that are ADBA registered.

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 "Dottie" will be bred to "Ravage" her next heat.


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Out of all of our females, Dottie is the biggest "ham". She gives huge hugs and just pushes her head right into you. Dottie will run and jump right into your arms. She has always had an EXTRA affection for children and will allow a little Chihuahua be in charge when she visits the neighbors farm (they have a little bossy Chihuahua that runs the show when the two of them are together). Dottie knows to be nice to little Gidget. Dottie has throw back genes from her Great Grandma Cypress who was very "square" like her. This is compared to say, "Sempervires" (call name Pandora), who has the old throw back "crocodile jaw" (or longer snout) and was rangier. Unlike most breeds, the APBT was not bred by a strict, specific body standard. The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred for heart! They can have the longer "crocodile jaw", or the short "Bull Dog" jaw. The pure bred APBT can be 35 lbs, or 70 lbs. The body frame comes in a "square", more boxy body frame, or "rangy" longer body frames. Even though Dotties mom is heavy in Redboy, Dottie shows more of our old school Sorrells blood in her boxy body frame. Actually, we have never had such a boxy framed, short snouted red nose American Pit Bull Terrier as Dottie. Dottie is all Bull Dog! (people refer to the American Pit Bull Terrier as a Bull Dog, its an old school term). Dotties dad is TBo, registered name "Lightfoot". TBo has such a wonderful, happy go luck attitude that you could breed him to the meanest junk yard dog in the world and the pups would have a good temperament. One of his puppies just won "Best Of Show" at the American Dog Breeders Association dog show in Galveston TX. Dotties mom Ginger Gal is on the extra protective side. Ginger Gal came from an outcross by way of breeding Double Time to Escobedo (heavy in Bass Tramp Redboy). By breeding Dottie to Ravage, the puppies will have all of the "endless wind" Redboy genes from Ginger Gal while maintaining the more mellow nanny dog personality Sorrells based dogs have always been known for.


When two dogs are bred together, the personality comes from the parents down to the puppies just like the looks. Ravage is from Pandora and Thaylen. Pandora is such a sweet dog that she tried to nurse a baby boy, groomed a cat, as well as has such a huge heart that she would swim with seals in the ocean. The soring spirit of Ravage comes from Pandora. Someone once asked me which dog was my favorite. I was a little taken back and not sure how to answer. Than I mentioned that one of Pandoras' nicknames is "favorite", so I guess that speaks for itself. Ravage is tight bred Pandora blood (and he is Coppers' sibling).



For info on Ravages' sire Thaylen, click on him name to be brought to his page. The short of it is that Thaylen is ALL BULLDOG

The combination of Pandora and Thaylen created a almost bullet proof dog. Ravage came to close to a horse once who did not like him. Bam! The horse kicked Ravage right in his head. No vet trip was needed and Ravage found a new respect for horses. Ravage is a wonderful house dog. He has had land to keep critters off of and was known to keep Mt. Lions' in check and keep them off of his owners large parcel. After all his mom Pandora would tree a bear if she found one and his dad Thaylen is absolutely fearless.

Like all of our dogs, Ravage loves kids and has shown an immense passion for people. He could be handful when younger and the pups he has will need (like all APBTs'), a stable, loving environment where there is a clear head of the household. Ravage is a great dog, but at just about 55 lbs. he is still a beast. If there is an American Pit Bull Terrier in the house and the owners do not take the dominate position, the Bull Dog will. They like to "work" for their owner, however they need a clear leader or they will try and run the house. Sometimes its as if they think that they are human.


 "Copper" will be bred to "TBo" (reg. name Lightfoot) her next heat.

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Copper is from Thaylen (registered name Spotted Devil) and Pandora (reg name Smpervirens). She is Ravages sister and litter-mate. For detailed info on Copper click on her name above.



From 5 generations of time and effort we have the ideal representation of the traditional red nose American Pit Bull Terrier. Lightfoot (call name TBo) is extra human friendly, not to large, smart and athletic with a great sense of humor.

A pup from Lightfoot just won "Best in Show at the ADBA shows in TX. As well, last year, one of out pups from TBo took"first place puppy" at the American Dog Breeders Association  Tri State ADBA show in the NY/NJ area three days in a row from three different judges. Go Lightfoot! As well, late last year, we had males in TX and CA (also from Lightfoot) take first and second place wins at ADBA shows.


Humboldt Pit Bulls has had the privilege of our red nose pit puppies being on the cover of the ADBA Gazette, the American Dog Breeders Association Calendar, as well as other accomplishments.
I have people ask me about "fixing" their dog. Some things in life have no clear answer. However, here are a few experiences to help you reach your own "answer" to the question of if "fixing" a dog is the right thing to do for you:
-I have seen dogs fixed before a year of age and never fully develop.
-Tonka was kind of "fat" while he was young. He is lean Tonka now. It took over 3 years to lose his baby fat!! I just do not think he ever would have developed to be so lean if he was fixed before 3 years of age. However, his huge size is rare.
Most dogs are fixed. Every dog in my house (and we had a lot) growing up was fixed. The Dobermans' that we owned both developed cancer, however who knows if it had anything to do with being altered. Altering a dog is a personal decision. It does not make the dog a different breed (ie. make a male APBT less dominate).

If you are interested in red nose Pit Bull puppies for sale in California email, or you may call Tim at (707)822-2343 .