The male pup is a full red, red nose Pitbull pup. He is kissing his sister who has a half white face. CA APBT Dog Breeders, Red Pit Bull Puppies

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Humboldt Pit Bulls are able to be show dogs and weight pullers



Here is an actual photo of 10 Red Nose American Pit Bull Terriers Puppies for Sale sitting in a row looking at the camera. There is a rainbow.
The 10 puppies on the cover of the ADBA Gazette have Old Family Red Nose in their pedigree.

There is a thing called an inbreeding coefficient.


We are CA dog breeders of the traditional APBT. HumboldtPitBulls.Com does an inbreeding coefficient breakdown before any breeding of Pitbulls.
Many old school red nose APBTs' have an inbreeding coefficients' of over 70%. Our stud dog Carver (bred by Dave Miles who has been breeding the APBT for 35 years) was about 35%. Its the ancestors, not necessarily the mom and the dad, that determine the inbreeding coefficient.
For example, if the parents to a litter both come from an outcross (THEIR parents were not related with in the first 5 generations) the pups will have a relatively low inbreeding coefficient even if they are brother and sister, or mom and dad.
I had some one call and talk with me about dogs. He had blue nose American Bullies (they were an APBT cross), told me he had bred father to daughter three times in a row! I asked him why? He said he just wanted to and that they were healthy, just smaller. Crazy. So, as Bert Sorrells (a breeder in my dogs pedigree) would say, "breed em' tight, breed em' right". I do inbreeding coefficient make ups before all of my breedings. By keeping line line tight and not doing to many outcrosses, you do not add to many new hidden recessive bad genes that may creep up and the gene pool stays strong.
At HumboldtPitBulls we breed Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier Show Dogs and  Ace Weight Pullers who are able to swim like seals.
This red nose Pitbull is from Pit Bull Terrier show dogs and Weight Pullers. He is on the rocks looking over the ocean.
CA APBT Dog Breeders who breed traditional red nose American Pit Bull Terriers.
Red, Rednose Pitbull Dog Breeders in CA who breed loving dogs. Here is a pic from HumboldtPitBulls.Com where the owner is getting a big dog kiss

The bloodlines from the "Old Family Red Nose Pit Bull" is a living tradition. We are proud to be "color blind" (being color blind means you are not breeding just because of the color of a dogs coat or nose - some people breed strictly for color - this is NOT how we do it here at Humboldt Pit Bulls) when breeding. Yet we still keep the tradition alive of being Pit Bull breeders with OFRN in the pedigree  (it is not easy being one of the best!).


The American Pit Bull Terrier is a friendly, yet fearless dog because of "game bred" dogs in his pedigree. I have never been to a "match" and never will go to one. However one should have respect for the breed if you decide to own an APBT.


This is an emotional topic.


In order for the APBT to be an APBT, it needs to be "game", or at least from game lines. This is the difference between the APBT and other breeds of dogs like the show bred APBT in the UKC, the show bred American Staffordshire Terrier in the AKC, The American Bully, etc. Before 1976 in the United States of America, matching a dog was LEGAL. That way the best dog from the East Coast could meet the best dog from the West Coast in order to find the dog with the gene(s) in him that are invisible. It was done to find the dog who was the most game. Sometimes a dog with better/stronger ability would win a match (if it was a long match, a gamer dog with less ability would win). Even if the other dog lost, if he still wanted to continue the match, he would be labeled as "game" and had gained even more respect than the winning dog who may not of been as game, however had better/stronger ability.


That sounds cruel and mean! Besides, who cares? what does that have to do with today?

So who cares!


The APBT is a GAME BREED OF DOG. If people lose the genes that "never quit" in times of strife, we have lost the APBT.


Some of the best "match dogs" were not overly dog aggressive and would sit on the porch while other dogs walked by. The invisible game gene(s) gives the dog confidence (no need to order dogie downers to medicate your dog during the 4th of July fireworks). By the way, dogs that showed any human aggression were "culled", or at least not bred (except for very rare occasions). A match dog would be with in inches of their handlers with out turning and biting the handler while in the midst of combat. Because of this, if two pure bred APBT's get into an accidental fight, do not panic. You can rest assured when you break them apart the odds of you being bit are VERY, VERY low. This would not be true of ANY other breed. I had someone tell me about how their dad received 80 stitches from breaking up a fight between two big blue American Bully mutts.


Its crucial for people to keep the APBT pure from game lines. This way they remain human friendly (any aggressiveness towards humans has been removed because it had to be in order to match them), stable, fast healers, NO HEALTH DEFECTS (the APBT is one of the most inbred breeds in the world - any bad genes were brought to the "top" and removed), on and on. The history of this breed can never be repeated. Its a dishonor if you breed an APBT from game lines to any other breed. Even though the ol' match dog loved what he did, (if one dog did not want to go against another dog, he was never forced, there were rules made by the UKC when the UKC was first created that people would use for a "sanctioned match") they went through hell. Now its up to us to keep that never quit, fearless and human friendly breed alive for future generations.


We at Humboldt Pit Bulls are 100% against current dog fighting. No dogs are bred or sold for any illegal activities. We do however, respect the past.



There are 3 red nose Pitbulls looking over a river. They are Red Nose American Pit Bull Terriers Show Dogs from Humboldt County California.
Here is a pic of a red nose Pitbull puppy with his owner. The puppy is hanging on a rope with his strong jaws. Traditional Pit Bull pups.
Red Pit Bull Puppies from Ace of Ace Weight Pullers are traditional APBTs'. We do not breed Bullies here. We breed pure bred traditional APBTs'.
This photo is super! There are two Pitbull puppies playing. One red nose Pit Bull is about to get the other puppy.Humboldt CA APBT Dog Breeders

If you have any questions about old family red nose Pit Bulls, or public stud service, email, or call (707)822-2343.

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