Osa has OFR in her pedigree. Puppies-for-sale-from Osa-the-red-nose-American-Pit-Bull-Terrier are not to big.


Osa  - Has OFR,

Woods, Sorrells


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Osa has OFR, Woods, Sorrells, Garners and Crenshaw in her ADBA Registered Pedigree

Osa is smart as a whip and knows she is "Queen Bitch" (she does submit to her elders, she just knows she can "lick the world"). She is a good example of why owners of the APBT must be above average. Otherwise, the owner will be outsmarted by the dog.

If there is a Pitbull for sale that you are considering on purchasing, keep in mind that female Pitbulls tend to fit in with a family who already has dogs better than a male dog does. As red nose American Pit Bull Terrier breeders, we have noticed that female red nose Pit puppies just seem to be able to adapt to a hierarchy better than males do. Two pure bred male Pitbull dogs are not always a problem living together, but they are more of a challenge. Both adult males and females tend to love playing with Pit Bull puppies.

Osa has had red nose pit bull puppies for sale in Northern CA. Pitbull breeders in CA Woods Sorrells Garners Crenshaws Old Family Red nose ADBA

Each American Pit Bull Terrier here at Humboldt Pit Bulls has two names. A longer "registered name" and a shorter "call name". Here is a list of call names compared to their registered names. When reading a pedigree, only the registered names are shown. Occasionally both the registered name and the call name are the same.

Chisel Red Diablo Cypress Cypressus Pandora Sempervirens Thaylen Spotted Devil Little Double Time Carver InB also I.N.B. Reading a pedigree can be a confusing adventure. It takes practice. The "Top Half" is always the sire, or dad. The "Bottom Half" is always the dame, or mom. They are represented by a "S", or a "D". Osa's sire is Carver. Osa's dame is Double Time.
The stud dog here at HumboldtPitBulls.Com has OFR Woods Sorrells Garners and Crenshaw

If you are interested in red nose Pit Bull puppies for sale with OFR, Woods, Sorrells, Garners and Crenshaw email tim@humboldtpitbulls.com. I may be reached by by phone at (707)822-2343.

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