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Red nose Pitbull pics of Double Time

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This red nose American Pit Bull Terrier is exactly what I was shooting for when I bred Cypress to Thaylen. Just look at the Pitbull pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. The combination of Woods, Sorrells, Garner and Crenshaw blend together to create the beautiful Pitbull pics you see here. Little has a proven herself to be California dog breeders dream. She is the perfect red nose Pit Bull. Pit Bull puppies for sale from Little are going to be extra bully (the real bully, not the new American Bully). As experienced Northern California dog breeders, when I think of what I want in my pit bull dogs, I think of Little. Ever scene she was just a puppy, Little was strong, fearless, loving and absolutely perfect with kids. The Sorrells' line of American Pit Bull Terriers are well known for being people friendly. Little the American Red Nose Pit is stronger than a locomotive and faster than a bullet (just not in 90 degree weather). Great looking red nose Pit Bull pics of Double Time are easy to get!
Like any high quality dog breeders in California, we give our American Pit Bulls plenty of exercise. I tend to run my Pitbulls behind my truck in the woods. This provides a super work out and the Red Nose Pit Bull dogs love it. It was the Summer of 2009 when I made the mistake of running the American red nose Pit Bull dogs up hill in the heat. Little fell behind and before I knew it, she went from being in front of my truck to being ran over by my front left tire. My heart sunk as I ran out to check on how badly the "Little" the American red nose Pit was hurt. I could not believe it, she did not break any bones. What a tough Pitbull. Little did not have a limp. She was just scratched up some and had a new found sense of getting out of the way of my truck. Even as an American Pit Bull Terrier puppy, the Pitbull is almost bullet proof.

As CA dog breeders, Humboldt Pit Bulls is proud to present "Little" the red nose American Pit Bull Terrier. The ADBA pedigree of Little the Pitbull consists mainly of Woods, Sorrells, Garner's and  Crenshaw. This Bull Dog with some Old Family Red Nose in her pedigree is what I call a "ranch style" Pit Bull. By that I mean she is still a good size dog (over 60 lbs.) who is full capable of all activities that need to be done on a ranch. I am sure all of my red nose American Pit Bull Terrier puppies grow up able to hold a steer by his nose to subdue it if needed. Pit Bull puppies for sale from Little are sure to be out of this world. Little, like her mom Cypress is very sweet, yet very protective. If you are looking for your own ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terrier puppy, just ask.

After you look at red nose Pitbull pics of Little, check out her bloodlines. Many California dog breeders know the American Pit Bull Terriers in her pedigree.

Old Family Red Nose Pit Bulls are in the ADBA registered pedigree of Double Time. We are California Dog Breeders of the traditional APBT.

Each American Pit Bull Terrier here at Humboldt Pit Bulls has two names. A longer "registered name" and a shorter "call name". Here is a list of call names compared to their registered names. When reading a pedigree, only the registered names are shown. Occasionally both the registered name and the call name are the same.

Chisel Red Diablo Cypress Cypressus Pandora Sempervirens Thaylen Spotted Devil Little Double Time Carver InB also I.N.B. Reading a pedigree can be a confusing adventure. It takes practice. The "Top Half" is always the sire, or dad. The "Bottom Half" is always the dame, or mom. They are represented by a "S", or a "D". Double Time's sire is Thaylen. Double Time's dame is Cypress.

If you enjoyed the red nose Pitbull pics and are interested in red nose Pit Bull puppy for sale in California, email I may be reached by by phone at (707)822-2343 .

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