On our Ancestors Main Photo is Sorrells Red Lady Bug. HumboldtPitBulls.com has plenty of ADBA registered Sorrells Pitbulls in out pedigree.

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American Pitbull History -Ancestors -Bloodlines

Photos are a great way to enjoy American Pitbull history and bloodlines. Many of the American Pit Bull Terrier ancestors from Humboldt Pit Bulls are shown here. If you have been fascinated by bloodlines of past Pit Bulls, I am sure you will love the Pit Bull Pics. Here are the American Pit Bull Terrier ancestors:

Sorrels Bubba Boe, Art`s Missy, Crenshaw's Rascal, Carver's Pistol, CH Hooten's Butcher Boy, Crenshaw's Honeybunch, Crenshaws Rascal, Garner's Dolly, Garner's GC Spike, Hall's SugarII, Image of Rebel Jo, Rebels Red Ace, Art`s Missy Carver's Cracker, Carvers Bloody Sunday, OFR, Clayton`s Eli Jr, Crenshaws Rascal, OFRCrums AA Lacy, Garner's GC Spike, Garners CH chinaman, Max Dugan, Snakeman's GR CH Pedro, Sorrell's Bugger, Sorrell's CH Red Jerry, Sorrell's CH Raisin, Sorrell's CH Joe Testiment, Sorrells CH Sailor, Sorrells GrCh Roadblock, Sorrells HardEyes, Sorrels Bandit, Sorrels GC Shoeshone, Wilders Reckless Red OFR, Sorrell's STP, Sorrells CH Bubba, Sorrell's Red Lady Bug,OFR, Sorrels Bandlit, Walling's Bullyson, Grand Champion Scruffy
We have plenty of old photos of Pit Bull pictures, history and ancestors of APBT bloodlines.
Enjoy the photo of Garners Champion Chinaman. Here are many pics of our Pit Bull Ancestors Pics from the Pitbull History of our kennel.


Above is a visual history of Hydes Bloody Sunday

Above is a visual history of Garner's CH Chinaman

Enjoy the Pit Bull drawing of Sorrells Shoshone. I hope you like the Pit Bull pictures and history of APBT bloodlines.


When looking at American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines and Pit pictures throughout history, you find Maurice Carver almost every time. Our Carver Pit Bull ancestors start seven generations back. All of our Old Family red nose Pit Bulls have Carver lines. Some dog men in Pitbull History called Carver a peddler (the worst thing you can call an old time Pitbull breeder). He sold more American Pit Bull Terriers than anyone else in his era of Pit Bull History. The red nose American Pit dogs of today are here in part because Carver was an excellent judge of dogs and a great breeder. American Pit Bull Terrier breeders must have an eye for that special Pitbull. The American Pit Bull Terrier Ancestors with proven Bloodlines from Maurice Carver are endless. Some of the all time famous Pit Bulls came from him.
Crenshaws Champion Rascal in in the ADBA pedigree of the dogs here at HumboldtPitBulls.Com. Our Pitbull History is made up of only pure APBTs'.
Pit Bull Ancestors Pics of Champion Rascal from Mr Crenshaw. This is a Pitbull dog that will live on in history being known as a very game dog.
Pit Bull pictures of Crenshaws Rascal.
Crenshaws-CH-Rascal is pictured here in our-Historical-Pit-Bull-photos.
Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines found in HumboldtPitBulls.Com. This is a pic of a red, red nose Pitbull named Wilders Reckles Red.
Our Pitbull History has Grand Champion Max Dugan Vatali in its ADBA registered pedigree.
OFRN Pit Bull blood is in a APBT stud dog named named Victorino's Rebel's Red Ace.
Here is Crums G/C, A/A lacey. He is a red nose Pit Bull who won both shows and weight pulls.
Grand Champion Scruffy is a duper looking Pit Bull who has Snakemans CH Pedro, as well as Wood's Snooty in his pedigree.
Pitbull History is full of game bred dogs, like dead game Hooten's Butcher Boy.
History of The American Pit Bull. Sorrells-Uncle-Bud in in the ADBA registered pedigree of HumboldtPitBulls.
Snakemans-GC-Pedro-ROM. He is a big part of Pit Bull pictures history and important ancestors of APBT bloodlines.
Here is an old photo of a winning game dog. He is a black APBT with a black nose. Pit Bull pictures history ancestors of APBT bloodlines.

Above is the black, black nose APBT Snakeman's Pedro. He was a VERY game dog and is in our pedigree. Snakeman's Pedro, as well as the other game dogs in our line, are the reason why our dogs are so human friendly and have so much heart. These past dogs had the real "health checks" done.

Here are a few Carver dogs

Old Family Red Nose Pit Bulls are in the pedigree of Carver's Red Lady.
Hydes-Bloody-Sunday apbt history has Clayton's Eli Jr.
Pit Bull Ancestors Pics of Clayton's Eli Jr.
Garners Dolly is part of our Pit Bull pictures history ancestors of APBT bloodlines.
Garner's Spike ROM is part of traditional game dogs Pitbull History.
Crenshaws-CH-Honeybunch-ROM is a big part of our American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines here at HumboldtPitBulls.Com

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